About Us

Wild Dog Films is a pack of battle-hardened filmmakers actively looking to support and develop co-production projects. 

From concept through production and post, we work with agencies, production companies and individuals to produce films, commercials, branded promotional videos and documentaries.

We like to think that we sit on the fringe of film production, there is mainstream and there is us. We are the little guys making big things happen

We are currently looking to collaborate with talented people to help support and develop their projects.


Gerard McKenzie

Gerard is a creative and performance-driven shooting director and producer with over 15 years’ experience working in the industry.  

Having started as a Camera Operator and has worked in multiple creative video productions roles, including, director of photograph, editing and video journalist. He also regularly attends acting classes and has performed in various plays, which helps when directing actors.

Gerard has directed and produced multiple short films, tv commercials and promotional videos. His films have played in over thirty film festivals and have picked up eight awards along the way. His commercial awards include TV Ad and Radio Ad of the Mouth.

Maria O'Neill

Dublin Film and Producer Maria O’Neill has been working in the Irish TV industry for most of her career after a stint in the UK where she worked on Live Operas from Glyndebourne Opera House. 

Motivated, resourceful, friendly producer with experience covering live, location, and independent productions. Strong organisational skills and experience with schedules, crews, budgets and overseeing all aspects of production through to delivery.

Her recent credits are Paddy Maloney – chieftains, John Connors, The Traveller, which was the winner of IFTA Best Documentary 2018 and Garech Browne Last days at Luggala. Maria has just completed production on her first feature film, ‘The Black Queph’.